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More power, more efficiency, improved emissions control and a wider moldboard help the Cat® 18 (18M3) rise up to the challenge of mining operations. Technologies assist the operator and work to minimize operating costs. And, Cat durability helps ensure peak availability.

  • The 18 helps to reduce downtime and operating costs through improved serviceability, fuel economy and reduced maintenance. Major components are modular in design, so most can be removed and reinstalled without disturbing other components.
  • Eco Mode improves fuel economy by reducing high idle engine speed while maintaining machine power. ECO Mode controls the high engine idle speed (capped at 1,900 rpm in working gears) to ensure the engine is performing as efficiently as possible. Provides significant fuel savings especially in operations that typically run light to moderate loads.
  • Center shift section of the front frame is made of heavy duty steel casting which improves stress distribution to this high load area for enhanced durability.
  • The rear frame structure is lengthened to provide easy service access to components in the engine enclosure as well as improve machine balance.
  • Front axle steering cylinder has been designed to enhance durability and hydraulic hoses have been routed to improve reliability.
  • A front guard helps protect the front axle from rocks or other debris that could damage the axle or its components.
  • The transmission guard provides a steel protection from ground debris.
  • Modular cooling package makes for simple removal and installation of components on the cooling system which reduces service time.
  • Engine enclosure doors provide complete and easy access to the engine without the impediment of any enclosure post.
  • Extended maintenance intervals reduce the number of touches and downtime.
  • Ok to Start and critically low fluid monitoring systems help prevent critical components from damage when low fluid levels are present. All information is available via the Information Display within the cab, and diagnostic codes are logged.
Other equipment
Medium Excavator

320 GX - TIER 3

  • engine model
    Cat C4.4


  • engine model
    Cat C4.4
Mini Excavator

303.5 CR

  • engine model


  • engine model
    Cat® C13
Large Excavator

395 - TIER 3

  • engine model
    Cat C18
Medium Excavator

330 - TIER 3

  • engine model
    Cat C7.1


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