Brand: Cat

Quarry Trucks


The Cat® 730 features a world-class cab design, re-engineered using global operator feedback to advance comfort and ease of operation. Enhancements include new controls, transmission-protection features, hoist-assist system, advanced automatic traction control system, stability-assist machine rollover warning system, and a fuel saving ECO mode.

  • The Cat CX31 six-speed forward, single-speed reverse transmission features Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) and Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) which deliver smooth gear changes with improved acceleration and higher productivity.
  • Speed hold/limiting function allows the machine speed to be limited in 1 km/h or 1 mph steps to conform to site speed restrictions.
  • Gearshifts have been significantly improved to maintain direct drive lock-up, and eliminate dropping into converter drive. Reducing the use of torque converter drive helps maintain ground speed and gradeability.
  • Variable shift points used based on the operating conditions, which also aid in maintaining ground speed during gear changes on grades.
  • Critical gearshifts maintain direct drive lock-up, and eliminate dropping into converter drive. This maintains ground speed during shifts on grades.
  • The transmission automatically modifies shift points to best suit operating conditions and performance.
  • Retarding levels are automatically reduced on lesser grades in lower gears.
  • Large capacity torque converter, configured for off-highway applications, allows the higher engine power to be transmitted more efficiently to the lower power train.
  • The engine compression brake improves retarding response and increases retarding power.
Other equipment
Medium Wheel Loader

966 GC

  • engine model
    Cat C9.3B
Large Excavator

336 GC

  • engine model
    Cat C7.1


  • engine model
    Cat C13
Backhoe Loader


  • engine model
    Cat C4.4
Mini Excavator

303 CR

  • engine model
    C1.1 Turbo
Medium Excavator

320 GX - TIER 3

  • engine model
    Cat C4.4


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